Y’all! I’m certified!

After finishing my classwork and practicing my coaching skills on a bunch of willing guinea pigs, I AM NOW OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED TO BE A CHRISTIAN LIFE COACH!  Imagine me striding (no, running I think) up to the stage with my prepared speech in hand.  I’m giddy and maybe squeaking a little with the dumbest smile… it’s that smile that ruins a lot of pictures because I look like I’ve just won the lottery.  Countless re-takes.  It’s the overkill smile.

THAT is my current disposition.

I would like to thank Christian Coach Institute and it’s founder and president, Janice Lavore-Fletcher.  Janice is an amazing woman with a deep and abiding faith in God.  Her spirit of humility and compassion are very unique, it’s no wonder she has been so successful as a Christian life coach and instructor.  A word of caution to any future students… beware when Janice says, “May I stretch you a little?”  I also want to thank my classmates from all over the world who encouraged and helped me in this journey.  A few in particular:  Liz Hill (of Warrenton, VA), Renee White (Nevada), Rachel Mighall (UK), Pastor John Gay (Minnesota), Amanda Bailey (Florida), Gina Freels (Oklahoma), Marian Rutkowski (Florida)… there are more.

I also want to thank Monique Lovelace, who let me practice on a her a LOT.  Errbody ought to know Monique… she is one cool chick who loves God and inspires me to be a better person.  Thanks, Mo, from the bottom of my heart.  I love you, dear friend.  (She also comes to the Bible studies I teach and makes me feel smart.)

It would be a terrible oversight not to include my sweet benefactor and husband, Jamie Usrey, without whom I would have failed.  He let me chase a goal and pushed me to finish.  I love you!  And I promise to try to make some money soon.

As my school and classmates know, there are probably hundreds of life coaching niches.  I am still in the process of trying to find mine.

Now the shepherds hook is pulling me off the stage while I cling to the podium.

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