Ten Characteristics of a Crucified Life

Years ago, Beth Moore wrote a study called, “Living Beyond Yourself” in which she laid out the ten characteristics of a crucified life.  Here they are.

  1.  Few will understand.
  2. You must abandon your own will and your own agenda.
  3. Your intimate spiritual companions will be few.
  4. Intense times of aloneness with God are required.
  5. You will be constantly on the witness stand.
  6. You must go “outside the camp”.
  7. There will be times when your dignity is forfeited.
  8. You must forego your rights.
  9. You must accept that death is painful.
  10. Because He was forsaken, you never will be.

More mature Christians will understand what is meant by living a crucified life, while younger, less mature Christians will likely balk at the phrase.  But we are, as Christians, most definitely called by God to live a life crucified to Christ.  The  Apostle Paul said,

I am crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me.  Galations 2:20

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