Sometimes God says no.  In my 51 years of life, I’m positive God has said no to me a gozillion times.  And I don’t like it, not one bit.  I want what I want when I want it and no later.  After all, it’s not like I’m asking for anything bad… I’m asking for good things like… well, I’m not gonna waste your time with all the good things I ask God to provide.  So
Fiery personalities left unchecked are just annoying.  There’s always a crusade to save the world of something – to right a wrong, to stand up for the weak, to do something herculean.  And because the passion is so strong and fierce, there is a propensity to become frustrated with those who have not been wired the same.  I know because that’s me with the fiery personality.   But Lottie Moon was the kind of woman

Why I Wept at Church Yesterday

Posted by Stephanie Usrey on December 3, 2018

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How it started Yesterday morning at church, as usual for the first Sunday of every month, we took communion (the Lord’s Supper) at the end of the worship hour.  Sitting beside my husband and me were Cape and Barbara Caperton… 89 and 84 years old respectively.  I have written about Cape before and you can read that post HERE. The sermon was particularly profound and was all about hope and the glory of God… a
Coaches are much more like detectives than mentors, disciplers, consultants, or counselors. Think about it. Detectives don’t show up with answers; they don’t teach, model, advice, or guide. Detectives question. Detectives probe and dig, they search for clues, they form hypotheses, and they work hunches. And through this process of intentional inquiry and clarification, they draw out answers. Through questioning they determine whodunit and why and how. The analogy of a detective forms the core

Y’all! I’m certified!

Posted by Stephanie Usrey on November 26, 2018

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After finishing my classwork and practicing my coaching skills on a bunch of willing guinea pigs, I AM NOW OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED TO BE A CHRISTIAN LIFE COACH!  Imagine me striding (no, running I think) up to the stage with my prepared speech in hand.  I’m giddy and maybe squeaking a little with the dumbest smile… it’s that smile that ruins a lot of pictures because I look like I’ve just won the lottery.  Countless re-takes.

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