Meet Stephanie

40 years. In case you didn’t know, that’s a significant Biblical number. 40 years ago God saved me in the balcony of an old Southern Baptist Church in South Arkansas. Yes, God can even reach people who live in Arkansas. So, for 40 years God has given me a deep, burning desire to study, believe and obey His Word.

And now it’s time to help others the way I’ve been helped. I’ve developed strategies and disciplines to coach and holistically disciple others no matter where they are in their journey.  My clients are usually astounded to learn how much instruction God has given us in His Word, the Bible.

I am an alumni of Christian Coach Institute and have earned my Certified Professional Life Coach certification.  I also have certifications in Biblical Peacemaking and Court Appointed Mediation.  I am indeed a minister of reconciliation.

What do I like to do?  EVERYTHING.  I especially love the outdoors and adventures that make my heart beat wildly.  I love the mountains and the oceans.  I like to exercise, to sweat, to run with my friends (I have a marathon, a half-marathon and a host of 5ks in the rearview mirror), to hike, to camp, to lay on the sugar white beaches of the Gulf of Mexico (okay, any beach will do) and to go places and experience cultures that are different than mine.  I like to read, watch tv, movies, do research and to learn.  I like to ask questions that get at the heart of what makes people tick.  What gets people excited?  What are their passions?  Basically, I love people!

BUT… more than anything else in the world, I love Jesus first.  Jesus is the One who picked me up off the floor of my chaotic childhood life and gave me a whole new life.  I got to start over from scratch.  He redeemed all the yuck, the dysfunction, the anger and brokenness I was born into and gave me new eyes to see Him, to see people and to see life for what it is – it’s about Him.  It’s about living according to His design for my life, not my own.  I have been in hot pursuit ever since that day and I am in awe of His mercy, His love and His choice to set me free and make me His own.  In case you haven’t noticed, not everyone gets to say that.  My passion and my energy are to make Him known and loved so others can experience freedom.

What else…?  Oh yeah.  The husband. 🙂

I have been married since 1989 to my dear husband, Jamie.  How he has put up with me for all these years, I don’t know.  Well, yes I do.  Commitment.  He and I committed before God and our friends to stick with this thing till one of us dies and we’re not quitting.

Jamie and Stephanie – summer 2017

We have two sons, James and William and I am crazy proud of them.  At the time of this writing, they are 24 and 20 years old.  James is on the 8 year college plan (smile) and William is pursuing a personal goal in body building (smile again) and working construction.  As of February, 2018, both will reside in Dahlonega, Georgia.

My life has been a comedy of errors (and sin – not funny), but God has brought me to this stage of life to start something new.  To lead in a direction that challenges and stretches others to step out in real faith to do something new, to figure out who they are and how they need to grow to accomplish new things for the Kingdom of God.

So my question for you is this:  Who are you?  What are you wired by your Creator to do?  Where do you want to go?  What are you doing that requires real faith?  In what ways are you currently struggling and stuck?  Contact me and let’s talk about it.