4’3″ of Tannerite – Lottie Moon: The Long Shadow of a Tiny Missionary Giant

Fiery personalities left unchecked are just annoying.  There’s always a crusade to save the world of something – to right a wrong, to stand up for the weak, to do something herculean.  And because the passion is so strong and fierce, there is a propensity to become frustrated with those who have not been wired the same.  I know because that’s me with the fiery personality.  

But Lottie Moon was the kind of woman who would’ve challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and press into the calling of Christ Jesus in the world. She would’ve lit a campfire under my butt.  And I would’ve loved it.  

Take 24 minutes of peeking into a life well-lived, a life with purpose, drive and passion for something out of this world.

Here’s David Platt, former president of the International Mission Board, with a short bio of a short woman who moved to China in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit of God.  She was a tiny woman who lived a giant life.


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