When God says no, is it forever? Maybe. Maybe not.

Sometimes God says no.  In my 51 years of life, I’m positive God has said no to me a gozillion times.  And I don’t like it, not one bit.  I want what I want when I want it and no later.  After all, it’s not like I’m asking for anything bad… I’m asking for good things like… well, I’m not gonna waste your time with all the good things I ask God to provide.  So just trust me – they’re all good.  But what if the “good” things I’m asking for – or maybe even assuming He’s going to give me – aren’t in His plan?

It turns out I’m not the first person to hear God say “no”.

God told Moses no, too

A long time ago, after Moses had spent 40 infuriating years leading the nation of whiny, petulant Israelites around in the desert, God put the kibosh on allowing him to lead them across the finish line into the land God was giving them.  (Reading the Book of Exodus tells that whole story). Yeah, many years earlier Moses had a moment of disobedience and usurped God’s authority, apparently something God took very seriously, and He disallowed Moses from going into the Promised Land.  What He did do was lead Moses up onto a mountain (Nebo) and let him set his eyes on the place where he couldn’t go.  And then Moses died.

MWait, what?

Fast forward over a thousand years later to the Transfiguration (Luke 9:28-36), located in the very place Moses was not allowed to go, and who do we see?  Moses.  Yep, there he is, 1400 years AFTER God told him he could not go into the promised land, standing on another mountain conversing with Jesus.

What’s the bottom line?

So, dear friends, a word of encouragement; just because God tells you ‘no’ today for something you greatly desire and have worked hard to acquire, doesn’t mean it will stay a “no” forever.  God has a very specific plan and it will all be accomplished according to His will, not ours.  And in case you haven’t remembered in quite a while, God is perfect.  His decisions are perfect.  He never makes a bad choice.  Is that true of you?