Why Christian Life Coaches Are Like Detectives

Coaches are much more like detectives than mentors, disciplers, consultants, or counselors. Think about it. Detectives don’t show up with answers; they don’t teach, model, advice, or guide.

Detectives question. Detectives probe and dig, they search for clues, they form hypotheses, and they work hunches. And through this process of intentional inquiry and clarification, they draw out answers. Through questioning they determine whodunit and why and how.

The analogy of a detective forms the core of our definition of coaching, and it’s the reason that our foundational scripture is Proverbs 20:5 – “The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.”

Life coaches cannot possibly be experts on their clients’ unique life paths, or giftings, or life callings. They don’t have the knowledge their clients are seeking, so they cannot impart it to them through teaching, modeling, advising, or guiding. They must draw it out from the clients themselves.

(taken from ChristianLifeCoaching.com)

Y’all! I’m certified!

After finishing my classwork and practicing my coaching skills on a bunch of willing guinea pigs, I AM NOW OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED TO BE A CHRISTIAN LIFE COACH!  Imagine me striding (no, running I think) up to the stage with my prepared speech in hand.  I’m giddy and maybe squeaking a little with the dumbest smile… it’s that smile that ruins a lot of pictures because I look like I’ve just won the lottery.  Countless re-takes.  It’s the overkill smile.

THAT is my current disposition.

I would like to thank Christian Coach Institute and it’s founder and president, Janice Lavore-Fletcher.  Janice is an amazing woman with a deep and abiding faith in God.  Her spirit of humility and compassion are very unique, it’s no wonder she has been so successful as a Christian life coach and instructor.  A word of caution to any future students… beware when Janice says, “May I stretch you a little?”  I also want to thank my classmates from all over the world who encouraged and helped me in this journey.  A few in particular:  Liz Hill (of Warrenton, VA), Renee White (Nevada), Rachel Mighall (UK), Pastor John Gay (Minnesota), Amanda Bailey (Florida), Gina Freels (Oklahoma), Marian Rutkowski (Florida)… there are more.

I also want to thank Monique Lovelace, who let me practice on a her a LOT.  Errbody ought to know Monique… she is one cool chick who loves God and inspires me to be a better person.  Thanks, Mo, from the bottom of my heart.  I love you, dear friend.  (She also comes to the Bible studies I teach and makes me feel smart.)

It would be a terrible oversight not to include my sweet benefactor and husband, Jamie Usrey, without whom I would have failed.  He let me chase a goal and pushed me to finish.  I love you!  And I promise to try to make some money soon.

As my school and classmates know, there are probably hundreds of life coaching niches.  I am still in the process of trying to find mine.

Now the shepherds hook is pulling me off the stage while I cling to the podium.

Ten Characteristics of a Crucified Life

Years ago, Beth Moore wrote a study called, “Living Beyond Yourself” in which she laid out the ten characteristics of a crucified life.  Here they are.

  1.  Few will understand.
  2. You must abandon your own will and your own agenda.
  3. Your intimate spiritual companions will be few.
  4. Intense times of aloneness with God are required.
  5. You will be constantly on the witness stand.
  6. You must go “outside the camp”.
  7. There will be times when your dignity is forfeited.
  8. You must forego your rights.
  9. You must accept that death is painful.
  10. Because He was forsaken, you never will be.

More mature Christians will understand what is meant by living a crucified life, while younger, less mature Christians will likely balk at the phrase.  But we are, as Christians, most definitely called by God to live a life crucified to Christ.  The  Apostle Paul said,

I am crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me.  Galations 2:20

Thank you, Lord, for my friends

This is just a short note to publicly acknowledge my gratitude to God for giving me such good friends over the years.  And He must have blessed me with the ability to choose good friends because Jamie always likes my friends, too.  Oftentimes, we like them so much we’ll take big vacations with them to far away places.  That’s saying something because no one jumps on a plane with people they just “sort of” like.

“Every good and every perfect gift comes down from above, from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”  James 1:17

Once I was told by one of my dear friends that Beth Moore had taught a hard truth… when you seriously walk with the Lord, your intimate spiritual companions will be few.  That has been an enduring truth in my life – my spiritual companions have indeed been few, but those companions are forever knitted to my soul.  I mean it – forever.  I will spend eternity with them in the presence of the living God!

So tonight, I smiled a knowing, restful smile… a smile of gratitude to God for my spiritual companions who have joined me on this pilgrim’s progress.  I love you.  If you ever read this, you’ll know who you are.

Can you help me understand?

The newest in humanity among us, at least right here in America, seem to really be embracing socialism as a viable alternative to our current governmental system.  Can you please help me understand why?  Why would the State of Florida even consider a self-pronounced socialist as governor?  How did Bernie Sanders garner such widespread support among so many in the 2016 Presidential election?  What is so appealing about socialism?