My Carelessness

Trying to be funny on FB, I made a stupid remark on a family member’s post.  That was 9 months ago and his wife, one of my dearest friends, is just now speaking to me again.  Yes, I apologized way back when I realized I’d blundered, but I just couldn’t get all the dirt back into the hole, I had struck a heart blow to a dear, precious soul-sister.

So this afternoon, I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit and His conviction.  He convicted me of my careless words and I did go into repair mode very quickly.  But he also convicted my friend for harboring anger and sailing away in a boat directly opposite of Ninevah.  Because of God, we are now mending our relationship and I will work tirelessly to re-establish lost trust.  I’m thankful for the model God has given us to work toward reconciliation and restoration of relationship.  Even daft, thick-headed, insensitive people like me have hearts that can be molded away from self and toward Christlikeness.

So, thank you, Lord.  Thank you for modeling forgiveness and issuing grace.  Help me to be like you.  I love you… thank you for loving first.

First Blog Post!

Well, here I am.  Online.  Scary!  Lookout world.

So I just got off the phone with my new buddy, Tyler, at  Last week, Tyler was my website messiah and I was kissing his feet because Tyler and all his techie buddies at GoDaddy were going to save me thousands of dollars in website building fees.  But today I learned that Tyler is a false god and that his main job is to scare me so badly I’ll hire one of their own experts to bail me out.

It’s deep, dark water here in the tech world.  And there are unseeable things swimming in the water that keep bumping my legs.  Words like domain, hosting, SFP, SSL, subdomain, the list is long.  Good grief.  There are too many new words and acronyms flying at my face for me to focus on any one of them well.

This is now going to be a focused area of prayer.  I’m GOING to learn how to do this, even if it’s kindergarten level.  I couldn’t even figure out how to do this blog until I accidentally stumbled across this area of my account.  And this thing was my goal – to build a website using a blog framework.

Stay tuned….